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Cast of characters
2003-10-02 - 9:04 p.m.

Hmmmm. I think it is time for all the weird Mangofarmerian lingo to be unloaded into a cast page (or a reasonable approximation thereof):

-Sarah/Mangofarmer: Our heroine. 23 year old graduate student, flute diva wannabe/Tahitian mango farmer wannabe/Las Vegas wedding chapel witness wannabe, ex-band geek geek surrounded by geeky band geeks, and ex-shoe schmuck with more shoes than she'll ever need to wear in her entire lifetime. Is adjusting to the on-campus life quite nicely- has developed gourmet recipes with ramen noodles and peas, and has actually been to *gasp* a party. Ha. Ha.

-The sister: Mangofarmer's favoritest person on the face of the earth. Has a diary here. Yep.

-Jenn-of-the-granny-car: Mangofarmer's bestest friend and partner in crime (sort of). See, like in the one instance, Mangofarmer would have really been merely the driver of the getaway car but Mangofarmer actually has no license. Ha. Ha.

-God/Buddha/Allah/Mother Nature/R2D2/Bill Clinton/Ben & Jerry: The Great Deities, Whom Mangofarmer looks to for guidance. Amen.

-Mom and/or Dad: The parental units. Probably should not need a whole heckuva lot of explanation.

-Cousin Bobo: The legendary cousin of Mangofarmer's Dad that saw the UFO that told him to come to America from the Old Country (whichever that was). Is acquainted with someone named Aunt Bea in Mount Airy, NC. Apparently. At any rate, Cousin Bobo is obviously Mangofarmer's Dad's absolute favorite cousin.

-Bitchy McEvil: Mangofarmer's ex-flute teacher. As her name implies, she is, well, evil above all things, even air conditioning and creamy peanut butter. Now that's evil.

-Dr. Flute Teacher: Mangofarmer's flute teacher in Gradschoolville. Unlike Bitchy, is actually a human being- asked Mangofarmer if she was hungover at her lesson. Mangofarmer said no, but then immediately started feeling a headache coming on. Hahahahahaha. Dr. Flute Teacher has this uncanny quality of knowing things. Especially things about the flute and stuff. Yep.

-Other Flute Grad Student: Really amazing flute player. Carts Mangofarmer's sorry butt around sometimes. Introduced Mangofarmer to the wonders of SoCo. Amen.

-Manager Girl: Mangofarmer's old boss at Sizz-ears. Is psycho. Loves basketball. Throws knives for a hobby, or so she says.

-Junior Manager Girl: Resident Sizz-ears ditz.

-Full Time Shoe Girl, Nice Shoe Girl, and Snotty Shoe Girl: Mangofarmer's former co-workers at Sizz-ears.

-Chloe the Wonder Cat: Mangofarmer's fluffy (not fat :-P) cat. At home in Craptown.

-Rosey the Rosebush: 4" miniature potted rose. Very peaked-looking at this point. Is actually the one Mangofarmer is addressing when she walks in her apartment and says "Hello no one, I'm home." Yep.

-Dr. Band Director: Completely brilliant, but also completely psycho non-trumpet-playing band director that of course spent the requisite some unknown period of time in Texas. All band directors come from Texas, or at least stay there for a while.

-Orchestra Conductor: Says off-the-wall things like "just watch the stick" that are probably meant to get the hapless string players (no offense, dfirefly) to play in time, but also usually make Mangofarmer laugh hysterically.

-Dr. Composition Teacher: Mangofarmer's composition teacher for the spring semester, duh. Very brilliant, but sometimes thinks Mangofarmer has more time to write music than she actually does. Or maybe Mangofarmer is just too lazy...

-Sophomore Flutes #1-3: The sophomore flute players. They're good kids, two of whom took Mangofarmer to the hospital after the infamous butterknife incident. Yeah. Good kids.

-Edward Elgar: Mangofarmer's favorite dead English composer.

-Al Gore: The inventor of the internet.

-Joaquin Phoenix: How you doin'?

-Someone: A non-existent entity.


That's about it. If you can think of any glaring omissions, or if you should be on this page, please, let me know. Al Gore and the Great Deities command you. Amen.

Have a lovely evening all. :)


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