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Gripe list. And happy list too. :)
2002-11-18 - 2:24 a.m.

*This entry is brought to you by insomnia. And the letter Q.*

Things that are bad:

-Brussels sprouts


-smelly slippers


-Basketball pep bands. Oh yes. I can hear it now: "A band geek that hates pep band? How can this be?" "Pep band is awesome. The music is much faster." "Pep band is fun. Marching band is not." Please see previous point for my response to this. Basketball, and anything to do with it, is the devil. I admit this very freely: in my four years of college I did not attend a single basketball game. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :-P

-stupid brainless retail jobs

-having a college degree and working a stupid brainless retail job

-depression, indecision, insecurity, loneliness, all the usual stuff I complain about

-burnt cookies


-Anything with more than four legs except butterflies, ladybugs, and lightning bugs. Those are all very girly bugs. Thatís okay. I just donít like bugs.

-stupid people

-stupid people that try and convert you to anything, be it their religion, their politics, or their beliefs of any sort (particularly Conservative onesÖ. Oops, didnít mean to say that.)

-stupid old ladies that do everything possible to annoy me at my stupid brainless retail job

-BASKETBALL. Sorry, I had to throw that in one more time.

-My lack of motivation to practice flute. This might be the worst of all.

-the telephone, 83 % of the time

-chewing gum at any time other than an airplane take-off or landing

-snow, at any time other than the first day it snows, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day

-stupid dress codes for stupid brainless retail jobs

-Ben & Jerryís deficiencies


-sweet pickles

-people that drive really slowly in the passing lane

-black olives

-bad music (you figure that one out)



-being quiet and shy and still unable to "break out of your shell"

-eeeeeevil undergraduate flute teachers

-snotty trumpet players

-people that clap in between movements at a classical concert

-stupid people (this needs repeating too)

-BASKETBALL (as does this, one more time)


-unrequited love (but as a form of love, is this truly bad?)

Ok then. Now, conversely,

Things that are good:



-unburnt cookies


-MARCHING band trips

-band people antics

-bowl games (in warm places, preferably)

-college football

-those beautifully sunny fall Saturdays on campus, perfect for nothing other than laughing at drunk tailgaters and playing goofy "slow tempo" songs and eating NACHOS during the third quarter like youíve done at EVERY game for FOUR years and being so happy for a few brief moments before you blink and itís all over and youíre too cool, or not cool enough, to be a band geek anymore

-Walmart at 1AM

-Dennyís at 2 AM

-driving around aimlessly, throwing eggs out the car window for no apparent reason at 3AM

-good music (Iíll let you interpret this one for yourself)

-pouring out the depths of your soul through one tiny little piece of metal, calling it music, and maybe making someone happy by doing so

-nice guest book notes ;)



-the fact that your parents are proud of you, no matter what, because you have that stupid degree (even if all you want to do is hang it over your toilet)


-being demented and proud of it

-smart, funny, talented little sisters that for some unfathomable reason adore you just because youíre the big sister

-having a smart, funny, talented little sister to adore


-good books (interpret that as you will)

-summertime, because it reminds you so much of being a kid again and standing on the curb, waving a dollar bill in the air, the second you hear the chime of the ice cream truck in any corner of the neighborhood



-little black dresses

-the way some people, no matter what they do, have a power to make you sublimely happy just by being around- just like sunshine

-friends that will finally relent when you beg them to play Scattergories


-iced tea

- eye candy in a dress shirt and tie, that sells you new toys from the electronics department :)

-dreaming about that one day when you will have a job that relates to your major and youíll be accepted for the talented person that you are, and the even more talented person that you can become only with a little encouragement

-getting the chance to be in the most difficult musical ensemble possible, and having someone truly believe that you can be there, even when everyone else doesnít

-the way that certain movie gives you goosebumps every time you watch it

-the way that other certain movie makes you cry every time

-happy endings

-happy thoughts

-ice cream

-hot peppers

-driving around with anyone, going anywhere or even better, no place at all, after 1 AM

-road trips

-grandparentsí houses

-strawberry daiquiris

-vanilla Coke

-rum and vanilla Coke ;)

-sunrises and sunsets

-staring up at the stars until the back of your neck hurts but you canít tear your eyes off the majesty that is a canopy of a billion little pin-pricks of light

-simply stated, last but not least: love

Well I donít know what brought all this on. I do think the lost art of a "happy list" does well to be brought back sometimes. And a gripe list is just fun, hehe. Have a wonderful night.


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